General Surgery

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Grants Pass Surgical Associates meets your surgical needs

The general surgery specialty includes treatment of the abdomen and everything inside it, the digestive system, the lungs, skin and soft tissue.

Our surgeons are continually advancing our educations to stay current with the latest innovations so we can offer you the most effective proven methods in general surgery.

Minimally invasive procedures for less pain and faster recovery

We perform many surgeries with minimally invasive procedures. This type of surgery is performed with much smaller incisions than we use for traditional surgery and results in less pain and scarring and faster recovery times. When you come in for your appointment, your doctor will explain your options and whether this is the most appropriate surgical approach for you.

Our general surgery services include (but aren’t limited to) a wide range of procedures.

Surgical Procedures

Highlighted procedures indicate those areas where we offer specialized diagnostic programs as well.

To learn more about specific health conditions and treatments, please visit our Patient Education page for more information.