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Varicose Vein Procedure
Varicose Vein Procedure

Varicose Vein Procedure

Normally, healthy leg veins assist the return of blood back to the heart. Venous reflux disease develops when the valves become damaged or diseased. When this happens, it often leads to varicose veins, swollen limbs, leg heaviness and fatigue, as well as skin changes or ulcers.

What To Expect
The closure procedure is performed as an outpatient procedure using ultrasound and a catheter through a small opening in the skin. The catheter uses radio frequency energy to deliver heat to the vein wall, thus shrinking the vein until it is closed. Once that is done, the blood is re-routed through nearby healthy veins.

After the procedure, all you will require is a bandage. It is advisable that you go for walks, but refrain from heavy exercise or lifting for a few weeks.

You may return to work the same day as the procedure.

Learn more
You can learn more about the procedure at www.vnus.com.


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