Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions

Pre-Op & Post-Op Instructions 2017-08-29T03:57:22+00:00

The information below covers procedures provided by our surgeons at Grants Pass Surgical Associates. The instructions were created by our surgeons, and should be followed.

However, if your surgeon has given you different instructions than those on this page, please follow his or her guidelines first.

One of our nurses will contact you by telephone the day prior to your scheduled procedure. If you have not received that call or have any questions about what you find here, please contact our office so we can clarify any concerns you have. We are committed to assisting you throughout your healing process.

Please click on the instructions below to get a downloadable instruction sheet for the surgery you will be having.

General Surgery

Inguinal hernia repair post-op instructions
Gall bladder surgery (cholecystectomy) post-op instructions

Breast Surgery

Lumpectomy and sentinel lymph node biopsy post-op instructions 


Colonoscopy Suprep prep instructions
Colonoscopy Miralax prep instructions

Colorectal Surgery

Bowel prep instructions
Bowel prep—What to Eat

Vein Surgery

Radio-frequency ablation pre- & post-op directions
Sclerotherapy pre-and post-op directions

If you have any questions regarding pre- or post-surgery instructions, please call our office and one of our staff members can help you 541-474-5533.